There is no quicker way to give yourself a raise than to keep more money in your pocket and give less to the government. There is a significant difference between tax preparation and tax planning. In our experience, few people truly have a tax plan. We help our clients to understand the pros and cons of different forward tax planning strategies. Should you be deferring taxes today to pay taxes at a future rate that is unknown? Or should you pay the taxes today so you can access them tax-free in the future? We will help you understand the tax consequences to your current plan and what options you may want to consider going forward. Taxes can be frustrating and confusing, but it is worth the effort to take a more active role and work on creating a tax plan.

Retirement Tax

When it comes to your retirement, you don’t want to end up paying more in taxes than you have to. Our advisory team can investigate how your accounts are currently set up to make sure you don’t pay more taxes than you have to.

Social Security Tax

Social Security tax planning is vital for any financial plan considering retirement. The goal of Social Security is to work for you, not against you. But without proper planning, you could end up paying more in taxes overtime than necessary. We can help evaluate the best course for you.

Here at Pass Investment Managers we understand that every individual has different priorities in life, and very specific goals and objectives, which are reflected in the way each of us organizes our finances.

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