We offer investments in IPOs for two big reasons. The first is to better serve the many busy members who have asked us over the years to manage money for them. We’re excited to save them time and stress by delivering on that need and, hopefully, generate some very pleasing returns along the way!

The second is to provide better access to exciting opportunities that aren’t often available to everyday retail investors. IPOs. Institutional capital raises. And, one of the most exciting twists, access to pre-IPO investments.


How can I invest in an IPO?

Using Pass Investment Managers, you can invest online in a matter of minutes. Follow these steps:

  • Create an account & verify your identity
  • Browse IPOs & read the offering materials
  • Choose your investment amount & invest

Who can invest in IPOs?

Anyone can invest in an IPO. Just note that:

  • You must be 18 or older
  • Each IPO sets its own investment limits

How can I make a return on my investment?

Once you own shares in a company listed on the stock exchange, you could:

  • Sell shares on the stock market
  • Receive dividends if the company pays them
  • Sell the shares if the company is taken over

Open to everyone

Investing in IPOs is open to all. You don’t need a war chest to get started. We allow everyday retail investors to mix with big funds and venture capitalists.

Clients of Pass Investment Managers can invest in Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) for all Companies that are to be Publicly Listed.

Here at Pass Investment Managers we understand that every individual has different priorities in life, and very specific goals and objectives, which are reflected in the way each of us organizes our finances.

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